Monday, April 14, 2014

Top 10 reasons why the Pistons aren't retaining Joe Dumars

10) Think it's finally safe to say he boned that Darko pick, that the Iverson trade isn't going to work out, and Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva aren't looking good

9) The last half-dozen coaching hires haven't inspired confidence

8) Feel kind of embarrassed to not make the playoffs in the East, given that they were the only team who was actually trying to do that and miss

7) Really feel that he could have noticed Andre Drummond's free throw shooting issues at some point in the scouting level

6) You can't just let the guy who traded for Brandon Jennings and signed Josh Smith continue to be employed

5) Living off your 2003 accomplishments only really works for Jon Gruden, Saddam Hussein and Lance Armstrong

4) After cutting him checks for the last 30 years between his athletic and administrative career, HR is well and truly sick of him

3) Keep thinking that maybe it would be nice if someone in the area actually gave a fig about the team

2) Making the playoffs once in the last six years in the East while remaining employed really is a tremendous accomplishment

1) They believe they can still get all of the um, value out of him by keeping him on as an advisor, because, well, that's just how forgiving life is for anyone who once had success in Detroit

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