Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top 10 signs you have a terrible fantasy baseball team

Danny Salazar Is Not Happy
10) You were betting on the Royals to hit for power

9) The "He's Thin!" spring training excitement over C.C. Sabathia convinced you to buy in

8) Your closers were Joe Nathan, Jim Johnson and Nate Jones

7) Bryce Harper's lack of hustle matches your own

6) You regard Homer Bailey's first name as an unheeded warning

5) The name "Danny Salazar" makes you engage in spontaneous weeping

4) You keep telling yourself that Prince Fielder is just a slow starter, and not, well, just freaking slow

3) Your stolen base strategy of paying too much for Billy Hamilton and otherwise ignoring the category isn't exactly looking airtight

2) Writing off counting categories is already part of your mindset

1) You are paying more attention to the NFL Draft, and what it might mean to your football league, than anything in hardball

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