Monday, April 14, 2014

Top 10 takeaways from the Aldon Smith arrest at LAX

10) This is a big response to everyone who is convinced that TSA screenings are pointless, especially if they don't root for the Niners

9) At least he wasn't drunk at 7am, so this is clearly a step up from past transgressions

8) As Smith is 24, posts double-digit sack seasons, and not very expensive, he clearly deserves another chance, so long as his cap number is low

7) We've gone from felony gun to false bomb report, so the next step up is driving a tank around downtown, which is the most fun GTA level there is

6) Legions of hack stand-ups are wondering why they didn't try this, if only for the social media traffic lift

5) Smith posted a $20K bail by sacrificing his per diem for the better part of a week

4) He's clearly playing for the wrong Bay Area team

3) NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to take action, because otherwise we wouldn't know that what Smith did was bad

2) At this time, Smith remains employed by the Niners, because while getting arrested at an airport after felony gun and public intoxication charges isn't good, it's not obviously gang-related

1) You can start pre-writing those head trauma autopsy stories about him anytime now

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