Thursday, April 3, 2014

Top 10 takeaways from the DeSean Jackson Signing

The last scene in the nightmare
10) This proves to anyone in the Eagles locker room that if you mouth off, you may lose up to 20% of your pay and have to relocate within a few hours of a car trip

9) Once again, Washington has won April

8) There's no truth to the rumor that Chip Kelly felt so bad for Washington after the first game last year that he had to give them a de facto first round pick, when they, well, had none

7) Jay Gruden has lots of experience in working with character issue guys, which sounds good until you realize the Bengals have never really won anything

6) Giant Fan is lobbying for Evan Mathis to get cut next, and Cowboy Fan to get LeSean McCoy, so that the Eagles can make the entire division more competitive

5) It's now an open question as to whether the Eagles have a bigger hole at WR since they don't have Jackson, or a CB that's fast enough to cover Jackson

4) This signing is an enormous risk for a Washington franchise that has so much going for it, never takes enormous risks, and had to give up nothing but money to add a Pro Bowl WR

3) If Robert Griffin The Third gets and stays healthy, DC can start losing shootouts instead of blowouts

2) DeAngelo Hall's pitch to Jackson only had a little to do with being very tired of appearing in the man's highlight videos

1) Honestly, the rest of the nation can really stop giving Eagle Fan crap for not being Happy Campers all the damn time

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