Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Word of Thanks To Mike D'Antoni, My Favorite Lakers Coach Ever

He Will Be Missed
The lowest winning percentage in franchise history.

Coming off a similarly pointless tenure with the Knicks, who stayed on that goat ride to nowhere that is their existence.

His game of pace without purpose made the Lakers a lovely streaming option, both for and against, all year for fantasy basketball players. (I made $180 in a league, in so small measure due to the contributions of Jodie Meeks, Kendall Marshall and Jordan Hill, who provided brief bursts of fantasy goodness in the waiver wire of every league.)

He infuriated Magic Johnson, and as a Sixers' fan whose childhood was deeply traumatized by the man in the Finals, that's completely OK, too.

And he somehow leaves with some people still thinking he's got something to offer, which means some other terrible team is going to give us some empty calories next year.

(Can we make it Boston? Please? Pretty please?)

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