Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brief And Obvious Points About The Rumors That The Sixers Will Trade Michael Carter-Williams

Yes. Yes, Your Cat Is Racist.
Sam Hinkie is building an up-tempo team with plus athleticism to generate turnovers.

MCW was the Rookie of the Year for, well, those attributes.

He also doesn't shoot well enough to be a lead-pipe star cinch, and since the team lost so many games last year while he put up numbers, many NBA observers think he's something of a fluke or ball hog.

Hinkie has three strong assets in 2014-15 that he didn't have in 2013-14; an actual NBA center in Nerlens Noel, and two NBA caliber players in the 3 and 10 pick.

The thing that people don't get -- and this includes folks who think the Sixers will trade the 3 and the 10 because Hinkie has a raging hard on for Andrew Wiggins -- is that 99% of these rumors are just pure and simple clickbait at best. And, well, worst.

MCW isn't Jrue Holliday -- another GM's pick, close to his ceiling as a player, about to get very expensive, and liable to drag a terrible team up to poor draft position. Rather, he's cheap for now, on the rise, on a team where the fan base just endured 82 games of obvious pain for the promise of Fun Ball in 2014.

He's not going anywhere.

Moving on.

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