Friday, May 9, 2014

Marcus Smith, Or The Eagles Get Poached

Not A Sexy Breakfast
Quick and dirty on this, as Life Has Interrupted and I don't have full time to post...

I don't claim to know squat about college football, or have any kind of draft wizardry. But it never feels good when your laundry reaches, and that's what Marcus Smith, the DE/LB pass rusher from Louisville, feels like.

At 6'-3" and 251, he seems a little tweener to me for either role, all of his sacks seems to have come in the last year in a free-lance role, and it's hard to see how the team wouldn't have just sat still at 22 and taken Ha-Ha Clinton Dix if the Packers hadn't taken him.

So.... I'm OK with trading down, especially with the Browns giving up a third for the move up of just four slots. I'm even OK with passing on bigger names, like USC WR Marquise Lee. But I'm not thrilled, and can't be, with a consensus reach when S Deone Bucannon is ready to go with the next pick, and might actually be the first true hitter back there since Brian Dawkins stopped being Brian Dawkins.

Or just sitting still and letting, as Chip Kelly said, all of the guys they loved at 22 go off the board in front of them.

Especially in an off-season that involved wasting a Pro Bowl WR asset, and bringing in a notorious failure to be your second-string QB, or a past-prime small scatback and signing him to an immediate extension...

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