Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Heat Death Star Is Fully Operational

The Farce Is Strong In This Series
If Brooklyn had won tonight's Game One, there would have been any number of excuses about it. They last played a basketball game in April. They last played a meaningful basketball game in 2013. Brooklyn had come in with a 4-0 record against Miami. Everyone knows that the Heat need to be backed against a wall to play their best, and the Nets came in with nothing to lose, and with the easy grace that comes from being a coin flip winner of a first round dogfight.

Miami won by 20, with the starters on the bench in the fourth quarter. LeBron James was his usual self, Chris Bosh gave them a double double, Ray Allen lead the bench charge with 19, and Miami Fan was about as comfortable as you could hope for in a second round series. For the Nets, Kevin Garnett went scoreless for the first time in his playoff career, and with the occasional exception of Joe Johnson, no part of the Nets looked like they deserved to share the same court with the defending champions.

I suppose the Heat could go back to sleep and make this a series, or that the Nets could get a career game from someone like Sean Livingston or Aundray Blatche and sneak a road win. All they need is one, and then they'd be able to come back to Brooklyn, in front of their home crowd of people who almost care, and...

Yeah, I've got nothing. And so do you, if you're watching this series. And at this point, I'm rooting for the Heat to sweep, just to get the Nets off my television faster.

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