Sunday, May 11, 2014

Top 10 questions about the 2014 Eagles draft class

Mr. Smith Comes To Philadelphia
1 (26) Marcus Smith, DE, Louisville

2 (42) Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

3 (86) Josh Huff, WR, Oregon

4 (101) Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida

5 (141) Taylor Hart, DE, Oregon

5 (162) Ed Reynolds, S, Stanford

7 (224) Beau Allen, DT, Wisconsin

And adding to the intrigue, they dealt RB Bryce Brown to the Bills for a contingent mid-round pick in a future draft.

Which leads me to the following questions.

1) How is Brown worth a pick in a trade, and a move to another conference where we don't have to worry about having him beat us twice a year, but DeSean Jackson isn't?

2) Isn't it fair to say that when you release a Pro Bowl WR from an offense that was ranked second in the NFL, and have crying needs on defense, that spending two of your first three picks on WRs isn't exactly optimal?

3) Is anyone else a little worried about taking two Oregon guys, especially since they seem to be the dreaded character guys?

4) If you are said to be able to trade a RB because you have a surplus with the signing of Darren Sproles, wouldn't it be good if, well, Sproles was still good at being a running back?

5) I get that Chris Polk might be the true #2 RB right now, but as he just had shoulder surgery, is it really such a win to move a RB, especially since you have a high-tempo, run-centric offense?

6) Should I be concerned that in all of these draft picks and the 15 rookie free agents they signed (, there isn't a single linebacker, and that isn't exactly a group that's dripping with lock solid young guys?

7) I get that Kelly prizes versatility, but don't you become versatile in pro football by not being good enough to stick at one role?

8) Given how many of the team's draft picks missed portions of the Draft Combine due to rehabbing past injuries, isn't it fair to say that the team drafted big gambles?

9) What kind of nightmare world are we living in, that people are so wrapped into the NFL that you can telecast every selection, and some people actually will watch it

10) Is anybody else getting well and truly nervous about this regime's acumen with personnel?

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