Monday, May 12, 2014

Top 10 reasons why the Cavs fired Mike Brown

Calling the Waahmbulance
10) It worked out so well the last time

9) He needed just nine more wins to pass Lenny Wilkens for most coaching wins in club history, which was bound to happen by February or March

8) Failed to bring back LeBron James or any of the other good players from... well, just James

7) Did not get strong two-way play out of a back court of three undersized and uninterested turnstiles

6) His continued advice to first overall pick Anthony Bennett to miss shots and turn the ball over was pretty questionable

5) After the team got Spencer Hawes in trade, he made the huge tactical mistake of playing Spencer Hawes

4) Wanted to give both of the team's remaining season ticket holders a nice moment

3) Somehow going 33-49 in the Leastern Conference didn't give the man job security

2) By canning him now, only get to pay him to do nothing for three years, or until everyone in the Association learns that Irving is the new Stephon Marbury

1) With their new GM, the team wants to bring in an all-new fall guy, rather than the all-old fall guy

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