Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top 10 reasons why Golden State fired Mark Jackson

There Goes That Ex-Coach Again
10) Team didn't seem to be getting better on defense, despite Jackson's ever increasing recitals of "Hand Down, Man Down"

9) Couldn't keep iron man Andrew Bogut healthy

8) The best 3-year run in 40 years matters a lot more to the people who have been around for 40 years, which doesn't include this ownership group

7) As Denver and Memphis showed, firing the coach from a highly regarded playoff team always works out

6) There are multiple van Gundies available, and the Warriors are that committed to improving ESPN's NBA telecasts

5) Actually have the wacky idea of being a franchise that wins tittles, rather than being the most entertaining fraud in the Association

4) Cycling through assistant coaches with odd back stories somehow didn't impress his employers

3) Somehow think the offense could be more imaginative than Whatever Stephen Curry Can Come Up With

2) It's kind of a tell when the owners never actually publicly support a guy who doesn't have a long-term deal

1) Since the Dubs lost in the first round, it's clear that Jackson isn't worshiping the right God

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