Friday, May 2, 2014

Top 10 takeaways about Donald Sterling having prostate cancer

Well, Not Right Away
10) It's fine if Sterling wants to hang out with it, but I think we can all agree that he shouldn't bring it to the games

9) Whoever prayed for this really should not be messed with

8) Elgin Baylor hasn't smiled this much in, well, forever

7) On some level, you have to respect the man's ability to focus on racism and getting his rocks off while facing death

6) This comes as a real comfort to those who have lost loved ones to the dread disease, since it now shows that the affliction, does, indeed, have a purpose

5) I'd like to thank everyone in the Sterling family who didn't tell Donald about routine prostrate checks

4) We can't rule out the idea that this whole episode was just to increase awareness of the disease, since it's not like it's got a well-known color or ribbon

3) Irony for Beginners is when you note the location of the disease, and the nature of the victim, and then repeat

2) He's only about a thousand more tribulations from achieving sympathy from weak-minded individuals

1) Lifetime bans just ain't what they used to be, folks

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