Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top 10 Takeaways from Donald Sterling Being Named The Most Hated Man In America

The Clippers' infamous owner topped the list for the most hated men in America in a poll released today, getting 92% of the vote. Which leads us to...

10) For the sake of the security of his comrades and the staff, please, for the love of God, no one tell OJ Simpson and Aaron Hernandez that they've come up short

9) On some level, it's more surprising that 8% of poll respondents don't have a problem with him

8) The man really needs to hurry up that prostate cancer problem to up his numbers

7) If and when he's out of the NBA, Adam Silver is going to be the most popular man in the NBA

6) This whole episode is really hurting the cause of all of the other racist billionaires who like to sleep around

5) Time for a fresh round of interviews on CNN to fix this whole kerfluffle

4) Future whitewash eulogies are really going to be a challenge for the writers

3) You know it's getting really bad when other Jews are getting anti-Semitic on his ass

2) At this point, Sterling can make significant bank by blackmailing brands and celebrities by saying he likes them

1) In response to the poll's findings, Washington NFL owner Daniel Snyder fired up a fresh PR debacle

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