Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top 10 takeaways from Steve Ballmer buying the Clippers for $2 billion

Meet The New Boss
No, wait -- $2 billion? $600M more than the Knicks and Lakers, otherwise known as the other two very large market franchises, only with teams that suck canal water?

Well, um, OK. Let's get into it...

10) That will teach rich guys to be racist

9) With Paul Allen owning the Blazers, the Clips now have a much bigger rival than the Warriors

8) It's a shame the sale didn't drag on, so the NBA could come in and sell the team off for what Donald Sterling paid for it

7) There's no truth to the rumor that V. Stiviano has been on the NBA or Microsoft payroll for years, which is just a darn shame, really

6) This isn't going to do much for Sterling's inevitable nuisance lawsuit against the NBA, claiming unspecified damages

5) That sound you heard was Laker Fan finally accepting their status as the unquestioned second franchise in town

4) If Ballmer wants to keep the franchise name, he's got a new mascot already in place

3) Finally, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will be able to get commercial endorsements

2) Team fans can now chant "Control, Alt, Delete" instead of booing

1) Everyone can rest assured that the new owner will never do anything to truly shame the team in public

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