Thursday, May 15, 2014

Top 12 reasons why Stever Kerr took the Warriors job instead of the Knicks

What He's Missing
12) Doesn't have to pretend that Amar'e Stoudamire can stay healthy, Raymond Felton can stay out of jail and/or thin, or that there isn't a much better ownership situation and arena a subway ride away

11) Has a functioning brain and crippling lack of sado-masochism

10) Teaching young and athletic players who have no interest in playing defense is more fun than teaching old and broken-down players who have no interest in playing defense

9) Golden State's home court advantage actually exists for the guys in the white jerseys

8) As the Warriors play in the Western Conference, Kerr won't spend the majority of the regular season wanting to cultivate blindness

7) Three thousand miles of distance from James Dolan is one of those life benefits that really can't be over-estimated

6) Doesn't have to write any book reports, or read any tabloids

5) Stephen Curry's Hero Ball shot attempts (as opposed to Carmelo Anthony or, shudder, J.R. Smith) frequently involve more than one player making an effort, and don't usually make you want to hit yourself over the head with a hammer

4) The Warriors actually have young players who could get better, rather than old players who could try

3) Somehow feels confident in his ability to do better than a first-time coach who reportedly didn't see the value in practice, game plans or assistant coaches

2) Somehow wanted to work with the team that had five of the best six players, the better bench, fans, ownership, weather, home situation and unopposed local market

1) Golden State's ownership might not be the biggest losers east of the Sterlings, and probably aren't  sleeping with the owner of the Lakers

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