Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Top 10 reasons why Kevin Love wants no part of Cleveland

The Paper In Dan Gilbert's World
10) He's a snob about font choice

9) Somehow doesn't want to tie his career to the new Stephon Marbury, the current Spencer Hawes, the sad broken-down past that is Anderson Vareajo, and whatever Russian-lover they hired to be the coach

8) Isn't seeing Cleveland as much of an upsell from Minneapolis, or being homeless

7) Like other NBA people with a passing relationship with reality, doesn't think LeBron James is coming back any time soon

6) Doesn't buy the idea that they are just going to keep winning the lottery every year they don't make the playoffs, which is to save, every year

5) Somehow isn't thrilled with past top picks Dion Waters, Anthony Bennett, or whatever new dude they curse on Thursday

4) Didn't want to even attempt the "convince free agents to come to Cleveland" conversation

3) After spending an entire career not going to the playoffs, didn't want to go to an entire franchise that doesn't ever go to the playoffs

2) Is unaware than team owner Dan Gilbert's kid has a medical condition, is aware that the team owner is Dan Gilbert

1) Signing with the Cavaliers involves going to Cleveland and playing with the Cavaliers, so, um, you can see why he might want to avoid that

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