Thursday, June 19, 2014

Top 10 ways the Spurs celebrated their championship

Wear the same shirt, say Woo
10) Only translated the proceedings into some of the languages their players speak

9) Watched all of Gregg Popovich's sideline playoff interview answers on Vine

8) As per Tim Duncan's demands, raised the roof, but in an architecturally sound manner after receiving proper zoning paperwork

7) Boris Diaw and Tony Parker laughed at some of those obvious Frenchie jokes they've heard a few million times, all while secretly pondering the meaninglessness of existence

6) Paddy Mills prepared for his JJ Barea-esque lucrative and forgettable future as an overpaid out-of-town benchie with a ring

5) Kawhi Leonard allowed, and scandalously even encouraged, to drink adult beverages

4) Support staff, along with the rest of San Antonio, extended their Cheat Month to a Cheat Quarter

3) Manu Ginobili accepted contact without falling down theatrically

2) Allowed each member of the team to walk right up to the table and eat without passing salt, pepper, bread or side dishes

1) Took the entire morning off before getting back to practice

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