Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Top 12 reasons why Derek Fisher took the Knicks coaching job

Fish In A Suit
12) Really enjoyed wearing a suit and hanging out with the media back during the lockout

11) Wants those tabloids with variations on the Caught a Fish meme for his scrapbook

10) Has been around long enough with Phil Jackson so that he doesn't roll his eyes when Book Club starts

9) Retiring as a player is really not enough of a safeguard to keep Scott Brooks from playing him

8) It's actually a pay raise from his last playing contract

7) The Nets have an inexperienced coach, and they won 44 games last year, and being just as good as the Nets is the only thing that matters now to the Knicks

6) Finally breaks the prejudice against guards getting head coaching jobs

5) Becoming the eighth coach of a franchise in the last 13 years, but getting a 5-year deal, all but ensures collecting several years of salary for no work

4) Fisher's leadership skills and ability to summon Kobe Bryant / Kevin Durant level talent will really come in handy

3) As the NBA's all-time record holder in playoff games played, he'll be able to answer lots of questions about what it's like on golf courses in April

2) Fulfills the biggest requirement of any head coach for the Knicks, which is that people have heard of him before he took the job, unlike those losers Gregg Popovich or Erik Spoelstra

1) Given the performance levels of the current Knick point guards, this is what we'd call a twofer

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