Friday, July 25, 2014

I Love Tony Romo

So it's NFL training camp season, and everyone's favorite 34 year old QB (um, yes, that's Tony Romo), who is severely limited due to two back surgeries, who is coming off an absurd number of 8-8 years where his team loses the win and in playoff game, and is known to an almost comical degree for being the guy who always loses the game that matters, and takes the blame when his team goes boots up more often than a hooker whose speciality is that there are no limits... is honestly saying this.

"I feel personally like I've just started to come into the player that (I) wanted to be six, seven years ago... it's going to be better."

Now, some might listen to this and hear the nonsensical ramblings of a wildly delusional man, one who might be in need of significant medication. Others might wonder if he wasn't already in thrall to severe medication.

Me, I just say this.

I love me some Tony Romo.

Without condition, without irony, and without limit.

And it's a pure love, people. I've never owned him in a fantasy league, haven't ridden his tendencies to big wins at the sportsbook, aren't related to him, and know no one on his payroll. I've never personally benefited from his actions, other than through one clear and obvious way.

I root for the Eagles.

And just as Jerry Jones is my favorite all-time Cowboys owner, and Daniel Snyder is my favorite all-time owner of the Washington franchise...

So is Romo the bestus Cowboys QB ever.

So, Tony? You keep on believing, buddy. Gambling and mobile QBs always get better in their mid '30s, when their physical limits start to betray them. Back injuries are never chronic. Players with turnover issues use them all up and enter a golden time when all of that dratted bad luck that has crushed their teams in the past magically reverse. And owners who take on GM responsibilities, and show themselves to be criminally incompetent at tasks like building a non-turnstile offensive line, always figure it out late in life.

Seriously, don't you just have to love him?

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