Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top 10 reasons why the Cavs think they have a shot at signing free agent LeBron James

Reason #11: These Swell Duds
10) Lots of people move back to Cleveland after they go to Florida

9) People in Las Vegas are betting on this to happen, and people who make bets in sports books are rarely wrong

8) James really wants to spend his post-prime years grooming young players

7) They'll let him have his old number and everything

6) James hasn't bust out laughing at the idea, and he'd never play one team off the other to enhance his leverage, or just to be a douche

5) Gives James the chance to humiliate the next LeBron, Andrew Wiggins, on a daily basis in practice

4) Dan Gilbert took down that mean comic sans letter from the Cavs' web site, so James can no longer be certain that happened

3) He really misses playing with Sideshow Anderson Varejao

2) Is sure that Kyrie Irving will pass him the ball, unlike everyone else on the roster

1) This is the same organization that took Anthony Bennett at #1 and DNP-CD'd him a ton last year, so it's not like we're drowning in wisdom here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

#1 DNP-CD? CD as in coaches decision? Mike Brown and wisdom should not be mentioned in the same sentence. Ever.

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