Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Raiders Are Just Trolling People Now, Right?

I'm a QB of wealth and taste
You are looking live at an actual promotional piece for the Oakland Raiders, in their attempt to, um, sell season tickets.

No, seriously.

Matt Freaking Schaub.

The man whose surname became a synonymous verb for throwing a pick six.

A guy who was pretty much run out on a rail from Houston, a franchise where he was the best QB in franchise history, in that he was the only one who ever experienced any success at all.

They couldn't get rid of him fast enough. Why? Because he's slow, doesn't have a strong arm, and offers you no upside... while also losing the accuracy that prevented him from being a turnover machine.

Every other franchise had the opportunity to go after this guy. No other franchise did.

And the Raiders want their fans to get to know him.

No, seriously.

So, um this...

Is this just a ploy to decrease ticket sales, so that they can move to San Antonio or Las Vegas or Los Angeles or South Green Bay or wherever else is desperate enough for NFL football?

(And yes, the football the Raiders play does count. Same league and stats and everything!)

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