Sunday, September 21, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 3 Ad Questions

Siri Goes Upstate, Lives on Farm
10) Did Verizon really think through this whole Siri as Old Yeller campaign?

9) Is there a substance that Pizza Hut won't stuff into a crust?

8) Can't the guys at Kenny Rogers' card game switch to hold'em to help cut down on the singing?

7) If I buy a Silverado, am I required to use it in picturesque parts of America?

6) Isn't it incredibly expensive to have Direct TV in your life, since it inspires huge property damage?

5) Is Burger King's attempt to change the currency part of their Tim Horton's move to cheat America out of paying taxes?

4) Are PayPal users prone to meth-ish animation dreams?

3) Does Matthew McConaughey talking to himself make anyone, ever, want to buy a car?

2) Has Miller heard that subliminal advertising doesn't involve shots that are long enough to really notice?

1) Hasn't everyone already deleted the U2 album off their iPhone?

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