Sunday, September 7, 2014

Eagles - Jaguars Takeaways: Winning Late And Lucky

Thank You For Lettin Me Be Mice Elf
> Rookie K Cody Parkey started the year with a touchback, which means absolutely no one questions his readiness now

> Nice of Jags' coach Gus Bradley to make his first third and one call an absolutely one-dimensional power run that was easy to stop

> QB Nick Foles to TE Zach Ertz for 26 on 3rd and 11 to prevent a three and out

> Foles' fumble on 3rd and 5 was weak work by the QB, but also T Jason Peters got owned

> The TD from QB Chad Henne to WR Allan Hurns showed, yet again, why CB Cary Williams isn't nearly as good as he thinks he is

> It really feels like any delay to a Chip Kelly offense causes a negative play

> Foles' second fumble was just a terrible lack of decision making by the QB, and started to raise alarm bells and/or flashbacks to last year's Dallas game

> Henne to Hurns for his second touchdown starts the stampede to get him on the fantasy waiver wire, and good grief, does anyone in the secondary know it's a 1:05 pm start>\?

> Eight minutes into the season, we've got booing, and with cause

> By taking the early lead, the Jags surpassed all of their leads from every game in 2013

> If the secondary can't shut down a game manager QB with two rookie WRs, it's a very real question if they can shut down anyone

> CBS showed us that cheese steaks are still made locally, so you can sleep tonight

> This wasn't a case of Foles having a few bad plays early, as even the dump offs looked bad

> When Foles pumps the ball, bad things happen

> The Jags' defensive imports from Seattle looked good, but got tired

> As surprising and great as the first half of the opener was last year, this was, um, Not That

> S Nate Allen caused a backwards fumble that went forward, which was one of several really odd moments for the refs in this one

> Foles to Celek for a quick hit, then WR Jereny Maclin for a bad pass and drop

> Sproles for gimmickry and a loss, and it's third and long in a hurry

> Terrible checkdown to not get enough on third down, and Foles looks gun-shy

> Great play by P Donnie Jones and CB Brandon Boykin at the 1 to pin the Jags deep

> Henne to Hurns for 46, and so much for field position, or Williams being able to read a double move

> Horse collar on Gerhart gives the Jags' a first down and sends the RB off the field for the high spot of a bad day

> The first quarter and the first half was the worst of the Kelly Era, and yes, I'm counting the Dallas and New York games last year

> Williams gets away with a hold to force 3rd and 7, and so much for the New Rules to crackdown on DBs

> LB Connor Barwin gets the defense off the field with a batted ball

> K Josh Scobee makes from 49 for his last good moment of the day, and it's 17-0 Jags

> For 30 minutes of game play, Foles did everything in his power to make people want to see Mark Sanchez

> Showing that even on his worst day, Kelly's Eagles are better coached than late era Andy Reid, the defense didn't bite on a 4th and 2 flag draw try

> Foles to Matthews for 30, and that was competent; a fairly cheap roughness call adds 15 more to it

> Foles to Cooper misses in the end zone, and that felt greedy

> Foles to Maclin in traffic for a first down and goal to go, and that was encouraging...

> But Foles then gets picked in the end zone to end the drive, and that's his third turnover in 20 minutes, and flat out terrible

> 3rd and 4 derpery from Henne and WR Marqise Lee stops a Jag drive, and that's one of many Jag gifts that gives you the clue that they aren't that good

> Scobee from 36 is blocked, and Scobee's pre-game injury is a nice piece of luck

> McCoy for nothing, and G Evan Mathis is hurt, just to add to the misery

> Mathis looks absolutely done, so, um, yay

> 3rd and 7 gets a mercy flag on a throw to Cooper to continue the drive, and now Foles is limping too

> Foles sacked again, as back-up G Andrew Gardner can't contain; 4th of the day

> 3rd and 11 is short of the sticks, but another mercy flag for illegal contact continues the drive

> Mathis off on a cart, T Allen Barbre now off, and this is just getting sad

> Foles to Maclin into double coverage, and the WR almost makes the play, but can't secure it in air

> Jags DB Jonathan Cyprien with a concussion scare, but he's walking off the field and looks OK

> Foles with a terrible ball out of bounds, and I have no idea what the idea was there

> On 3rd and 10, Foles evades pressure and connects with Maclin to get another first down on a drive that feels worse with each play

> Foles to McCoy for a first down and a late fumble that looks like a brutal call on the field; it will be overturned, but that's still a win for the defense, since it's rest and death to tempo

> Foles with another fumble on OL disaster for a 17 yard loss, and this OL can't even run a screen

> Offsides sets up 3rd and 10 from 3rd and 15, and only flags are keeping the Jag defense on the field

> Foles tries Maclin in the end zone, but the charity flags ended a play ago

> 4th and 10 is a punt rather than a go or 56 yard field goal attempt, and boo all you want, Philly Fan, This Is Awful

> Three stops, three timeouts, and that was acceptable work by the defense

> Sproles with a fair catch with room to run, which is just another moment of awful

> McCoy for 10 jittery yards and clock burn

> Mathis is done, Barbre is questionable, and everyone in Eagle Nation is suicidal

> Foles to the end zone is batted down, and that's the half

> Foles misses Cooper, open and with time on a bootleg, bad on both ends

> Foles to Cooper for a meh screen of three

> 3rd and 7 to prevent mutinous fans from beating the traffic is a first down to Maclin, and phew

> McCoy for a loss, and this OL is just sad

> LB Paul Pozlusny goes down with a knee, and that's a major problem for the road team

> Foles to Cooper for 8, setting up 3rd and 2, which is a complete to Celek for an awkward first down

> Foles misses Matthews on another bad throw to an open WR, and it's not like they aren't getting opportunities

> Foles to Sproles for a screen that comes up a yard short, and it's a tempo go to Sproles for a burst up the gut to the house -- major coverage fail by the Jags

> That was all scheme based, and actual life in the stadium

> Jaguars 17, Eagles 7, and We Have Hope

> S Chris Maragos with the ST tackle, and the ST upgrades are serious

> A three and out as the defense stops the short throw, and better

> Sproles with a 22-yard return, and he's selling some jerseys here

> Foles misses Ertz on a middle route by a mile, and he's still not sharp

> McCoy makes three men miss for 8, then jitters for two more and a first

> Foles to McCoy for 6, then an odd inner double screen to Celek for a yard loss; not a good play with the OL in its current state

> Foles to Ertz for the score from 25, and that middle throw has been open all day; nice that he hit it

> After review and PAT, it's Jags 17, Eagles 14, and we've got a game

> Parkey with another touchback, and I think I'm in love

> Batted ball, incomplete, incomplete, three and out and Jags Fan is probably wondering about Blake Bortles now

> Nearly blocked punt, Sproles with a 21 yard return, and I'm liking the ST upgrades

> Foles with a week to throw, which is encouraging, but Foles doesn't have the confidence to try Maclin deep

> McCoy stopped for a loss, and it's 3rd and 8 outside of figgie range

> Foles misses Cooper on an awkward back shoulder throw, and the run stops; bad play by the WR

> Barwin in on Henne with a quickness, and that's a flag against a star QB

> Henne off Hurns' fingertips, lucky Eagles

> Timeout before 3rd and 10, then a wobbling touch pass to Lee that isn't hauled in, and better lucky than good

> Good field position again after a weak punt, and the offense needs to take the lead now

> Foles to Cooper for a rollout and two Jag flags, first down Green and it's starting to look like we have an NFL QB again

> McCoy for seven ankle-breaking yards, and man alive, he's great

> Sproles stopped for a loss, and third and five outside of figgie range is a screen to Sproles that's short of the sticks

> Not a fan of a punt from the 44, and it gets 29 yards of net, so, woo

> Offense now with two missed chances to get the lead

> Gerhart for 3, then Lee makes a catch and makes a man miss for the first Jag first down in forever

> Gerhart got destroyed by LB Brandon Graham, unblocked and with quickness

> Gerhart again for four, and 3rd and 9 is important with a minute left in the quarter

> Second Jag timeout burned, and that's all kinds of bad

> Henne to Lee, great play on both ends to move the sticks, and the road team's first third down conversion in 10 attempts

> Henne misses WR Mike Brown to set up another long third down

> Long clock and panic slant knocked down, and Green D gets off the field

> Sproles with no room, and the offense has a long field in their third opportunity to get the lead

> Two borderline backwards screens to McCoy gets four yards around the quarter break, then it's Matthews to move the sticks and phew

> These short screens aren't fooling anyone, and Sproles wisely drops a ball rather than take a loss

> Sproles is shifty for 10, McCoy-ish

> Tempo getting supreme as the middle runs are working

> Foles to Ertz for 26 as the team's tempo destroys the concept of replay

> NT Red Bryant gets away with a quasi late hit with a holding penalty to boot

> Sproles again for 6, lots of room there

> Terrible throw by Foles over Sproles, nearly picked, yards left on the table for a screen

> Third and 14 in deep figgie range is a draw, and Parkey comes on to try from 51

> The rookie drills it, and we've got a tie game

> Parkey with another touchback, and he's had quite the debut

> Henne missed Lee deep, and the WR was a little open; defensive hold gets the Jags a first

> Henne keeps for 8, and did it well

> Gerhart for a yard, and he hasn't had much to work with today

> 3rd and 1 with a little less than 10 minutes left is a conversion to TE Marcedes Lewis, as the pressure doesn't quite work

> Gerhart for 9 as the Jags are going no huddle and getting aggro

> Another juke and move for a first, and the Jags are on the move

> Gerhart stuffed by DE Vinny Curry, followed by a miss to Lewis as the Jags dream of a call

> 3rd and 9 outside of figgie range is a big damned deal, not that Scobee has been good today

> Henne to Hurns for the first, the WR gets separated for an apparent fumble, and this should be challenged

> Refs don't see a catch and fumble as a catch and fumble, so it's a punt... but the first one fails due to a chop block

> Foles to Maclin on a massive coverage fail by the Jags for the easiest 68 yard TD pass ever, and it's 24-17 Green for their first lead of the day

> Play call issues led the Jags to burn all three timeouts early, just another gift from a team tha's not ready for read wins

> Third and 10, Henne takes a major hit and should have been a penalty and completes, but Boykin makes the stop

> On fourth and 1 on their end of the field, the Jags go for it due to their timeout issue and defensive exhaustion, but the throw to Lewis is a hair off, and the ball changes on downs -- monstrously big play

> The Eagles have gotten wildly lucky in this game

> McCoy for nothing, then loses, and Kelly is milking clock a little too much for my taste... but the Jags forget about McCoy being a great RB who gets carries on third and long, and his 19-yard scamper should be the killshot

> Three more runs sets up Parkey from 27, and the rook converts to make it 27-17

> Parkey with a touchback and I may have to buy his jersey on general principle

> DT Fletcher Cox with the fumble recovery for a score, and that's your fantastic suckout gambling cover

> Let's not mince words about this: the home team got crazy lucky in this game, has real issues on the OL, and will need to be a lot better to win in Indy next Monday night...

> But, well, wins are wins, especially when you only play half of the game to get one

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