Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eagles - Slurs Takeaways

Up All Year To Get Lucky
> WR DeSean Jackson, and Eagle Fan booing him into the fires of Hell for taking work in the division, were not going to miss this game

> It was nice of the clearly worst officiating crew in the NFL to start things off early with a 15-yard flag on the defense for replying to a post-whistle Jackson cheap shot

> You know it's bad when the announcing crew calls out the get even taunting call on WR Pierre Garcon on the next play

> Cousins was just about perfect on the first drive, which was all kinds of predictive for much of the day

> FB Dorrell Young scores to continue his reign of vulture terror on fantasy honks

> As a road team, you don't get better than the opening drive touchdown with catches by five different receivers and your RB running well

> RB/KR Chris Polk takes the ensuing kickoff to the house with no flags, and the only problem with that is that the defense had to go right back on the field

> Great blocking for the score, more than raw speed or moves from Polk

> Good coverage on the next, STs having a dominant win day so far

> DT Cedric Thornton jumps, and man alive, are they giving up a lot of those

> CB Cary Williams won a jump ball battle against Jackson, not that Cousins should be making that the attempt

> Cousins to TE Niles Paul for an easy nine up the middle for the short third down

> Cousins to Paul for the fly route, open on CB Bradley Fletcher, all of this is way too easy

> Morris fumbles and Garcon recovers for a loss, nice hit by LB Brandon Graham to set up 3rd and 8

> Jackson on the out for the first, well done by the QB, the WR wasn't open, but oh well

> Morris for way too easy yards to set up first and goal, and there's no one playing well on defense (again)

> Cousins to Garcon for the slant score, 14-7 Slurs, and the defense is bad and gassed

> I have no idea why you'd play Bob Griffin over Cousins now

> After an offsides re-kick, the Slurs squib it to set up reasonable field position, and the offense will finally take the field

> QB Nick Foles to TE James Casey for an ungainly 7, but a defensive hold makes it a first

> RB LeSean McCoy for 1, then 9, but slow to get up at the end of the play, and that looks concussive

> Foles fights through pressure to complete to WR Jordan Matthews for 4

> Foles throws one away on pressure from LB Ryan Kerrigan, and that's all kinds of worrisome

> Third and log is a big deal, and Foles gets it with his legs; massive play to end the quarter and keep the defense off the field

> McCoy looks like he's trying to argue his way back on the field

> RB Darren Sproles for a few as McCoy jogs to the locker room

> Sproles up the gut for a lot, but fumbles at the end, holding is declined, and that's just a huge mistake to give away points

> Morris spins to make third down easier, and then it's Cousins with the simple sneak; the play that killed the defense in the playoffs last year hasn't been addressed

> Jackson for 7 on the easy out, and the CBs are too scared and/or coached to not play up

> Third and 3 at midfield is essential, and DC calls time

> Simple out to Garcon and I don't get why they don't do anything but that

> McCoy returns to the sideline and game

> Cousins misses Garcon on an easy cross, high mistake, and that's more of what I was expecting

> Slant to Roberts for another first, everything in the passing game is effortless

> False start and false hope for the defense

> Morris for 2 as S Malcolm Jenkins fills it

> Garcon makes a man miss to set up the easy third down out for the first

> Lucky to not get called for late / any contact on the QB

> Actual miss to Garcon on third and 2, and that's the first third down conversion missed by the Slurs

> K Kai Forbath connects from 49, and it's 17-7, with the Eagles doing their usual first half nap

> Jackson and Morris getting knee attention on the bench, which is about as helpful as anything else

> McCoy back in as WR Jeremy Maclin goes to the house on a well-done screen, but C Jason Kelce is called for a clip he probably didn't need to make, so that takes points off the board

> False start, not much for McCoy, WR screen for Maclin not much, third and 11 is a big damned deal

> Foles to WR Riley Cooper, who attacks the ball in the air for the long out and conversion

> Challenge flag on Cooper's feet is a bad move by DC, but it's a de facto timeout with the offense moving, so I've seen worse

> McCoy can't stay in bounds, and he hasn't looked as sharp since the knockout

> Foles to TE Zach Ertz for the first, nice work by Foles to get extra time and make the throw

> McCoy loses a few on the stalled stretch play, not decisive enough

> Foles to Matthews on an easy play action center slant, and the QB is playing well

> 17-14 Slurs, and Fox talking about how much better the DC defense is, um, not so much

> Cousins to Jackson is actually disrupted by Fletcher, and hey, um, defense!

> Cousins to Garcon into double coverage on the sideline, perfectly executed for the first

> Cousins to Paul on bailout against pressure, he's worlds better than Griffin right now

> Cousins to Paulson for the not quite first, as Allen makes a reasonable effort

> Young on the quick hitter for the conversion, defense playing better but not getting anything for it

> Double move to Paul, broken up by Allen

> Morris for good yards as Cousins checks down to get the easier third down

> Third and 3 outside of figgie range is a big damned deal, and Fletcher gets flagged for good defense on Roberts, and that happens in the NFL now

> Morris for solid work and this drive is the best so far for DC, as it actually came against resistance

> DC runs the clock wisely to the 2-minute warning, and there isn't much that HC Jay Gruden hasn't done right so far today

> Morris for 3 sets up 3rd and 1, clock running

> Fletcher defends Garcon, and that's a figgie instead of more

> Forbath from 44 hits, and it's Slurs 20, Eagles 14 with 1:15 left and three Green timeouts

> Polk with another easy return on a weak kick, and the STs have been dominant

> Foles to Matthews for 7 as Joe Buck tells us the Eagles don't even huddle in practice, um, maybe because you should practice the way you play

> Foles for a scramble and first, then an out to Ertz for 5, and that requires a timeout

> Foles to Matthews for the first and out of bounds, another great job by the QB to buy time and make an on the run throw

> Foles with miscommunication to Matthews, lucky to avoid the pick

> Foles to Maclin gets it to the 12, timeout with 20 seconds left, uncalled horse collar tackle, and have we mentioned how bad this officiating crew is

> Foles to Sproles, bad move, kills the timeout and that's a spear on the RB, but hey, abusing RBs is pretty much OK

> Can't give up the figgie here, dangerous play

> Foles to Matthews, absolute bullet from the QB, and Green will lead at the half for the first time in 2014

> It's nice that 2013 Foles has arrived

> As bad as the defense played, if Sproles doesn't fumble, Green has a bigger lead and the ball to start the second half

> Squib kick doesn't help much, but Cousins takes a knee rather than try a Hail Mary; considering how this crew has called penalties, that's a gift

> Eagles 21, Slurs 20

> Foles to Maclin on the easiest 16 yard underneath route imaginable

> McCoy through a nice hole, but only 4 yards

> McCoy fumbles out of bounds, going sideways, really not his day, and Kelce is down and out (oh lord)

> Third and 11 is a sack, but mutual flags is a bailout

> Matthews can't bring in a big play downfield, but gets the DPI call, pretty obvious, huge first down

> Cooper makes a man miss and gets seven yards, nifty

> Kelce to the locker room

> Foles lucky to avoid a pick, forcing things to Cooper

> C David Molk in, and it's 3rd and 3

> Foles to Matthes on a poor backwards screen, not the call to make with back-up OL all over the place

> K Cody Parkey connects from 38, and it's Green 24, Slurs 20, and high time the defense made some plays

> Parkey out of the end zone is more of the very good same

> Cousins to Garcon for seven easy yards, and Kelce is done for the day

> T Jason Peters also limping, of course

> Paul can't catch a ball, and the Slurs are lucky to avoid a pick

> Huge third and 3 to keep control of the game

> Cousins misses Jackson on moderate pressure, and that's a three and out that helps loads

> P Tress Way gives Sproles a chance, and an obvious face mask is missed for the first 10 seconds after the play is over

> It's called a horse collar, and wow, what a bad crew

> Peters on the field and McCoy gets two with massive defensive penetration

> Foles goes down heavily on a screen miss to Shady, and LB Brian Orakpo goes down as well

> QB Mark Sanchez warming up in a hurry, but Foles stays in for third and 8

> Nice touch pass to Sproles to get 21, the first, and a lot of breathing room

> CB DeAngelo Hall down, and that's a bad moment for the Slurs, as he's the best of a bad lot

> Foles misses Maclin on an out, but an easy PI call for the first as Hall's replacement looks shaky

> McCoy for nothing, as not surprisingly, the line isn't blasting open big holes with second stringers

> Screen to McCoy for nothing, but a roughing the passer call on DL Trenton Murphy, and that's a legit flag that happens all the time now

> Slurs with over 100 yards of flags so far, most on PI

> DL Frank Kearse hits the turf as Green Fan starts to smell fakery

> McCoy loses two on the stretch, and that play needs to go away until the Slur defense is a lot more tired or dumb

> 3rd and 12 to Sproles, and he can't save Green every time

> Really not getting why you don't stay after the weak Slur secondary on the last two play calls

> Parkey from 33 makes it 27-20

> Chuck Bednarik shown today, he's 89 and has arms that still look capable of great violence

> Hall leaves on a cart, Parkey puts it out of the end zone, and it's on the defense to take some drama away

> Morris for five, then Cousins to Paul as LB Casey Matthews shows you why he should not be in the NFL

> Morris for no gain as MLB DeMeco Ryans makes the play

> Cousins to Paul as the refs blow the call on contact for six extra yards

> Kelly can't resist challenging what seems like an obviously blown call, and that's just not something he should have to do

> Third and trivial now, and it's Cousins for the obvious sneak that never fails to convert

> Cousins to Paul for a yard as Ryans covers well

> Slant to Garcon broken up by Williams, as the Green defense has finally adjusted to not many deep balls

> Third and 9 is a big damned deal, and what should have been a delay flag works out as the QB misses WR Ryan Grant on a deep cross

> Sproles nearly goes long on a punt return, and wow, he's been so good; 18 yards of electricity

> Foles doesn't see Orakpo's pressure and barely avoids a fumble

> Foles to Matthwes, nice out and conversion

> McCoy dances for a yard as Foles gets caught in the wash

> Foles to Maclin for a handful on serious pressure again

> Third and 6 is a big damned deal, and it's a miss to Sproles on a well-defensed play

> Illegal formation gives the Slurs five yards, and that might be the first mistake from the STs today

> No pressure, and it's nightmare time as Cousins hits Jackson for the 81-yard score against Williams

> Allen with the mistake in coverage as well, and yeah, um, that's kind of why you don't let Pro Bowl talent just walk for no compensation to a division rival

> Slurs 27, Eagles 27

> The Eagle PA plays "Sabotage" after the Jackson score, and yeah, that's accurate

> McCoy for four and a borderline late hit, but, well, RBs

> Foles to Maclin for 13 on good protection

> Foles with a near pick on a late snap and probable defensive offsides, and yes, they are out of sorts with all of the subs

> McCoy for 4 as the clock goes deep, and this game is all kinds of going away right now

> Third and 6 is a big deal, and Matthews makes a great catch... for five yards, not six

> DC gets it right back, and has everything going for them right now

> Morris gets 7 on a play where he should have lost 3, as Graham makes contact but not a tackle

> Tie game after three, and anyone's game

> Cousins to Garcon, and it's starting to look easy again for the Slurs

> Morris goes down for no gain, then a loss to Garcon as CB Brandon Boykin makes a play; post-whistle jawing

> Third and 10 is a miss from Cousins to Roberts, as the Slur offense hasn't been as sharp in the second half

> Big punt into the end zone for 30 yards of net and no shot for Sproles

> McCoy for 2, and you'd never know from this game that he's special

> Foles misses Maclin, running crazy open on a deep ball, and that's painful to watch

> Third and 8 is huge, and it's a totally read screen to TE Brent Celek that would have lost 10 if it had been complete

> Hating the play calls that are not testing the bad Slur DBs nearly enough, especially with all of the flags today

> Poor punt by Jones gives the Slurs the balls art midfield

> Need a turnover something fierce, but instead it's a perfect ball and catch to Cousins; Allen doesn't get there soon enough to break it up

> Morris for a few, and red zone defense has to do something unexpected to keep it a game

> Cousins with all day, throws it away on 2nd and 7, and I can't recall what it's called when the QB is tackled while trying to pass

> Cox actually gets a sack on an unstopped delay of game flag, then Boykin takes a hit, and for the ninth time today, terrible officiating that barely keeps the game in order

> Third and 12 is a poor screen and drop to Jackson, and the Slurs do seem weak when the clock ticks

> Forbath donks one off the upright to not take the lead, and my laundry is lucky, lucky, lucky

> Foles misses Ertz high for a pick, multiple Eagles down after the call, brawl afterards and good Lord, this got out of hand fast

> That's a clear incomplete, Foles got de-cleated, Old Testament Madness

> Ejection for two players, and none of that happens if the refs don't blow the Not A Pick call

> Green is down to their final five offensive lineman

> I don't know how you get ejected for objecting to your QB getting murdered on a return, which is now a big flag in the NFL

> Foles to WR Jeff Mehel for 16 on 2nd and 20, and if DC can't win a road game against a team without any starting OL, I don't know when they can

> Ertz can't corral a fly, but it's DPI and more and more penalty yards

> Cooper for a few, then Foles misses Ertz on the same fly

> Third and 8 from midfield is all kinds of important... but Maclin can't make the play on the sideline, Kelly throws the challenge flag and might get it

> Another quasi late hit on Foles by Orakpo, not that there's any OL left to stop that sort of thing

> Immense reversal and play by the QB and WR there, first down at the Slur 31

> 2 for 2 on challenges today, and the Reid Era is dead

> Foles to Cooper for 4, then hits Maclin in the end zone for the picture perfect 27-yard score

> I know he's got the career day against Oakland last year, but this has been a stellar day for Foles, especially given the amount of punishment taken

> Eagles 34, Slurs 27, halfway through the fourth

> Need to see fire and results from the defense here and now

> Cousins floats one, Jenkins with the pick, and wow, that was a gift

> Great range and catch by the safety

> McCoy for not much as Kelly tries to run a little clock; this is not always a strength for this team

> Second and 9 is snapped with time on the clock, and McCoy doesn't get nearly enough on a tolerable hole

> Third and 8 with six minutes left is a big damned deal, and Foles misses a wide-open Celek that could have been a killshot touchdown

> Parkey from 51 is dead solid perfect, and yeah, we like our rookie kicker so far

> Eagles 37, Slurs 27 with 5:55 left, and that was a very necessary kick

> Parkey with the touchback and I might have to buy his jersey at this point

> Cousins to Garcon for the 11 yard out, read but still too easy

> Screen to RB Roy Helu, holds not called, goes for 55 yards with Jenkins making the touchdown saving tackle

> Cousins misses Jackson in the end zoen, not very open

> Cousins to Roberts, who makes CB Nolan Carroll miss and gets to the one

> Helu walks in and it's 37-34 with 4 minutes left, and that was as bad a job by the defense as could easily be imagined

> McCoy loses yards, and no, that's not a broken record

> Green with slow tempo, which probably isn't helping

> Another give to McCoy, another lack of burst through a not very big hole, and it's 3rd and long with Kelly not doing much on the play calling

> 3rd and 11 has Foles sailing the ball over Cooper, and that was as bad as easily imaginable

> Big punt by Jones, but a hold by WR Brad Smith makes this worse

> Jones with the worst time for a bad punt, and the Slurs start at the Green 40 with 2:27 left

> Cox stops Morris on first, clock runs down to the 2-minute warning

> Cousins misses Jackson on an out, third and 11 looms...

> Huge play here, and it's Cousins trying Roberts, but Boykins makes a great close and deflect

> Fourth and 10 is a go for the Slurs, with a timeout first

> Cousins misses Garcon, just a gift, and Cary Williams is a lucky, luck man who plays for a lucky, lucky team

> McCoy loses a yard, and this might be the worst game he's ever played

> Foles to TE James Casey on a rollout and ballsy call and throw, and that's just perfect by the QB

> Kneeldowns end it, and the Eagles are 3-0... somehow

> As smoke and mirrors as this team has looked, that's two straight wins where they got three and outs to seal the game

> The home team is now the first team in NFL history to win their first 3 games, after trailing by 10+ points

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