Sunday, September 28, 2014

NFL Week 4 Top 10 Ad Questions

10) How terrible was the father in the NFL Shop ad to inspire his family to such widespread fan loyalty disbursement?

9) Was it Cable Rob Lowe or Direct TV Roe Lowe with the sex scandal?

8) Is the new iPhone so destructive to personal privacy that you can no longer keep your own thoughts private?

7) What kind of sexual perversion is it when you need to touch another person's car, and does owning a Dodge make you more susceptible to it?

6) Does altitude sickness make beer taste better?

5) Why does JJ Watt wear his full uniform and pads outside of work, and how bad does it smell from all of the extra wear?

4) Did LeBron James choose the top hat in his McDonalds Monopoly ad to hide his ever-retreating hairline?

3) If I drink Corona, do I need to have the nature of beaches explained to me?

2) How much money do I need to send to Terry Bradshaw to get him to stop telling me about his health problems?

1) Does using Sprint cause the women in your life to become shrill, glass-shattering harpies?

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