Sunday, September 28, 2014

NFL Week 4 Top 10 Takeaways

The Colt Schedule
10) In the most predictable result of the 2014 season, Steve Smith Sr. had Unstoppable Vengeance against the Panthers

9) The Vikings got maximum production with minimal legal and PR issues from their RBs today, so feel free to trade in those Peterson jerseys now

8) Aaron Rodgers told Packer Fan to relax, then made them do just that

7) One of these years, he promises, Jay Cutler will come up big in a game against the Packers

6) The Steelers made a huge fourth down stand at the goal line late in the fourth quarter, then turned around and lost a home game to the Bucs anyway

5) JJ Watt should be ownable in fantasy as a flex offensive player when he goes against bad QBs

4) The NFL showed Europe how little they care about them by making them watch the Raiders

3) Jets Fan chanted for Michael Vick in a 7-point loss to the Lions, which never ends well for anyone

2) With his second straight win over a division rival that wouldn't win in the SEC, Andrew Luck solidified his status as the top QB in fantasy, or at least the top guy with the easiest schedule

1) The only undefeated teams in the NFL had a bye, giving us all the dream of a year when no one mentions the 1972 Dolphins (crap, I blew it)

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