Friday, September 19, 2014

Top 10 Falcons-Bucs Takeaways

Instant Replay
10) It's nice that God and NFL teams continue to crap all over the idea of games on Thursday night by having boring games and blowouts

9) The guy in your league who has Matt Ryan is more than a little bent that the Bucs didn't put up more of a fight, and yes, that's me

8) Bobby Rainey's share of the touches once Doug Martin comes back isn't going to be all that big

7) The Falcons who play at home really should do something about those guys who go on the road

6) I'm not saying the Bucs gave up in this game, but they were quite effort-conscious

5)  The very dumb guy in your fantasy league is now going to put way too much into a Devin Hester claim

4) Vincent Jackson's spectacular moment of utter garbage time utility is what the fake game is all about

3) The idea that the NFC South is just going to roll over for the Saints isn't working out

2) Buc Fan can be excused from not being too excited about the McNown / Lovie Smith Era

1) Somehow, we got through three plus hours of this game without Phil Simms making a disastrous equation of the Bucs to the ever-growing list of people victimized by the criminal acts of various NFL players, which is kind of disappointing for all of us who dream of a future without Simms

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