Sunday, September 14, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 2 Ad Questions

He Smells Like A WR
10) Why is the Google app trying to convince me that injuring a child is OK?

9) Does driving the Honda Fit render you incapable of deriving the answer to even the simplest of questions?

8) Is U2 purely Apple's house band now, and if so, why are they mad enough to smash guitars?

7) Why does Miller Lite want to make me think about my parents having sex?

6) Will Jimmy Graham be fined for dunking the ball over the uprights in the Degree ad?

5) Can I buy tickets from people on NFL Ticket Exchange without hearing pointless personal back story?

4) Does eating Taco Bell cause old people to disregard their family history?

3) Why are the trapped zombie script people in Audi ads reading stage directions?

2) If I subscribe to NFL Network, do I have to sing like a goober?

1) Does anyone else read Arby's insistence on meat possession as suspicious over-compensation?

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