Sunday, September 21, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 3 Takeaways

Soop Err Gene Yuss
10) The Lions lost LB Stephen Tulloch when he hurt himself celebrating a sack in their win against Green Bay, and yes, that's so Lions

9) Matt Cassel got hurt, answering the prayers of Vikings Fans everywhere, but the team got trucked anyway

8) Johnny Manziel made a highlight play as a WR on a play that didn't count, so that first round pick is working out great

7) My dark horse pick of the Jags to win the AFC South isn't looking so great

6) St. Louis blew a 21 point lead at home to allow Dallas to move to 2-1 and have a season after all

5) Oakland held the Patriots to 16 points in a road game, and you can safely out to rest the idea that New England is going to help anyone in fantasy this year

4) Eli Manning didn't throw a pick and the Giants won easily, which is one of those Obvious Causality moments

3) The Ravens broke the Browns hearts with a last second field goal, which finally gives Cleveland Fan a good reason to hate this franchise

2) San Diego gave Donald Brown 31 carries to get 62 yards, and yes, they kind of miss Ryan Mathews a wee bit

1) Cincy won by 26 to remain unbeaten, in a game where their QB didn't throw for a score, but did catch one

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