Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Top 10 reasons why Michael Sam had trouble getting an NFL job

Cheer up, Michael, Dallas is still in the NFL
Finally, Michael Sam got a practice squad job with Dallas, where he might already be the best player on the defense. So why did it take so long?

10) QB sacks are a matter of scheme over talent, which is why every team gets as many as they need

9) No non-Dallas team is that desperate for ESPN's attention and shower coverage

8) Teams in the Bay Area, New York, Miami, Chicago, Seattle and New Orleans would never accept an openly homosexual team member

7) You aren't allowed to put someone on the practice squad that a casual fan may have heard of

6) Sam clearly didn't go to a big enough college, or perform well enough while there

5) After the Ray Rice fiasco, the league just wanted to avoid all publicity, good or ill

4) Everyone was waiting to see if he'd do that WWE thing first

3) The league had no interest in selling jerseys to new audiences, or ironically

2) Very important to teach future players to keep information like this confidential before the draft

1) Really wanted to make sure the first openly gay player was a white skill player that only came out after winning the MVP, rather than being a rotation scrub or specialist

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