Friday, September 19, 2014

Top 10 reasons why Roger Goodell isn't resigning

Goodell With Wife, Mother, Target
10) The new conduct policy will solve all issues involved in a league populated by violent and athletically gifted men who have survived relentless lifelong culling to achieve sudden wealth and fame

9) Goodell knows he's going to get it right going forward, which must be nice, given the ridiculous number of things he's gotten wrong

8) Ignorance was not an excuse for Sean Payton and the Saints, but that was a team issue, and as this is a league thing, it's totally not the same

7) The NFL's advertisers haven't made him resigning a point yet, and, well, that's the only entity that's subject to public opinion that the NFL listens to

6) When you acknowledge a mistake and make changes, that totally makes you the best choice to retain a job that requires you to be airtight on PR

5) Once he says he's not going to resign, that will end all media and the public's cries for his head

4) Proctor & Gamble removing its sponsorship doesn't really matter, because it's not as if they are a major advertiser that people have heard of

3) If he resigns, the media might start asking the owners all of the questions that they have been asking him, and we can't have that

2) His wife has asked him to spend less time at home with his family, and given what tends to happen with NFL personnel who undergo professional setbacks, we should probably honor that request

1) If you were making more money than any player in the league, answer to no one, and got off on ultimate power regardless of your staggering incompetence and corruption, you'd keep the gig, too

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