Monday, September 8, 2014

Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 1 Sunday

10) Cincy gutted out a road win over the Ravens, despite Steve Smith Sr. stiff-arming their entire team into oblivion

9) Dallas's Team and Fans were incredibly accommodating to their Niner counterparts in gift-wrapping turnovers and lower-bowl tickets

8) It's nice that the new DC coach is as intent on emasculating Bob Griffin as the old DC coach

7) The Saints went back to their old way of playing defense, which gives the rest of the NFC hope that they can be the team that loses to Seattle to not go to the Super Bowl

6) Buffalo went into Chicago and won, which goes to show that the Bears can't win without Devin Hester

5) The Chiefs showed their fans that the playoff collapse was no fluke in their opening loss to the Titans, and you can start the Andy Reid Death Watch now

4) It turns out that karate kicking the punter is bad, even though it looks wicked awesome

3) Minnesota looks like the new dark horse darling in the NFC, though they aren't going to win many points for the degree of difficulty in beating the Rams

2) Javedon Clowney hurt his knee, which proves that when you name your franchise after the people who live in your state, karma dictates that you can not have nice things

1) New England is now alone in last place in the AFC East, which combined with the Dallas and DC loss, makes this the best day in the history of the world

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