Thursday, September 11, 2014

Top 12 reasons why some Ravens fans are still loyal to Ray Rice

And So Does That Shirt Choice
No, seriously, lead story on the World Wide Lemur tonight. So let's get into the reasons why.

12) We all don't know Ray the way they know Ray, and how sweet he can be

11) Convinced this is all just, somehow, a case of biased officiating

10) Jersey sales can never, ever be taken back or discarded

9) Admire his skills as a runner, receiver, spitter and puncher

8) Opposing Roger Goodell's every decision has served everyone so well this far

7) Dislike it when the media, general public and basic human decency intrude on things that are really important

6) Everyone deserves a second chance to create a massive PR disaster that transcends the sport

5) Have always felt jealous of the DC team's monopoly on train wrecks

4) Are very familiar with Bernard Pierce's worth as a football player

3) Are remarkable Christian souls who would never chastise opposing players for legal issues

2) Believe that anything that happens outside of the field of play doesn't really matter to anyone who continues to watch NFL football, and, well, um, let's just move on

1) After the Ray Lewis Experience, don't really think that any of their players can get into big enough trouble to go away for good

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