Friday, October 10, 2014

ALCS and NLCS Predictions: One Fun, One None

Hating The Giants Is OK, Really
Having picked only two of six playoffs correctly to date, and being more than a little underwater with other obligations (work, family, home, NBA fantasy draft, more), I just don't have the bandwidth for long-form analysis. Besides, there's better sites for that and you're here for snarky, ill-researched listicles. So let's just get to the gambling already...

Kansas City at BALTIMORE -- Orioles in five

How long, oh Lord, how long are the Royals going to play wildly over their heads and win despite not being, well, a very good baseball team? Sure, they catch the ball, and the power bullpen at the close has been great... but the starting pitching is far from infallible, and after 162 games where they showed all the power of a deadball era team in Petco Park, now they go yard whenever they need to. It's almost as if baseball playoffs were an utter crapshoot!

The O's are similarly amazed balls to be here, after a season of just stomping a mud hole in the Red Sox and Yankees after decades in the woods. I like them to win this series, because they've got a fine bully in their own right, play solid defense, have similar or better starting pitching, and hitting home runs is more useful than stealing bases. But it's not as if you're really going to be broken hearted if either of these teams advance, because their fan bases are so adorably geeked to get this far.

Orioles in five

San Francisco at ST. LOUIS

My only winning pick in the DS round was the eternally advancing Cardinals, who never make their fans have to endure a less than long-term playoff run. After turning Clayton Kershaw into just another guy in their DS win against the Dodgers, Big Red gets the 2-time recent champion Giants, who continued Washington's recent history of coming up small in the playoffs in their own surprisingly easy win. Give me the club that can hurt you from every offensive position, and look for Adam Wainwright to really put that bad start against the Dodgers behind him... in half of the wins of this series, on his way to the MVP award. But it will take forever, because the Giants have a great home field advantage as well, and as the only team leff in MLB that I have real antipathy for, they'll be harder to kill than cockroaches.

Cardinals in seven

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