Monday, October 13, 2014

Giants - Eagles Takeaways

Hype Video Or Documentary?
> At least my laundry wore their silly all-dark unis at night, where it won't make them die in their own sweat

> Blue WR Victor Cruz answered a fluff question about his team's offensive identity with a straight face, which clearly was some kind of foreshadowing

> Green's first drive was a statement, in that RB LeSean McCoy kept going forward, and QB Nick Foles make quick and effective decisions

> McCoy's first breakout run in ages was still all kinds of terrifying with the loose ball handle

> Blue defense looked downright unsettled by the tempo, as if that should be a surprise by now

> K Cody Parkey connected from 31 to end the first drive, and while the red zone offense is still discouraging, 3-0 after 4 minutes isn't turrible

> QB Eli Manning to Cruz for instant stick moving, lots of time and a clean pocket

> RB Andre Williams for not much, and running it is not how to trash my laundry recently

> Then again, on second down Williams destroyed S Malcolm Jenkins, which was just about Blue's highlight of the game

> Third and 1 to get off the field is a strip sack from coverage by OLB Connor Barwin, and that was all kinds of manly

> P Steve Weatherford gets it away, killing the ST streak of first punt block for TD at two games

> NBC found the resident costumed freak Eagle couple, because the national media always does nice things for the town's rep

> WR Jordan Matthews with a drop in traffic, lucky it wasn't a rebound INT

> Foles to Cooper on second decision, nice ball and movement

> McCoy looking like his pre-not actually concussed self, five yards

> McCoy for 19, really nice until the awkward end, and it looks like Blue's going to waste a challenge on a non-fumble

> Blown challenge, but at least Blue's defense is able to take a breath

> Foles somehow escaped DT Cullen Jenkins to throw it away, which is one of those slow beating slower moments

> Sproles limped off early in this game before limping off again late, and that is absolutely Not Cool

> Foles to Ertz on a burned blitz for 23, and this is the best that the QB and OL has looked in a long time

> McCoy falling forward for 2, and it's nice to see him going in that direction

> Third and 6 from the 15 is critical, and Foles throws an absolutely perfect ball for the score

> Ertz with terrific body control, and CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie could do absolutely nothing about that

> WR Odell Beckham Jr. didn't have the best night, but his talent is obvious

> When QB Eli Manning turtles and gives himself up on a first quarter sack, as he did on OLB Trent Cole's first visit to the backfield, it's a defensible play and a key to his long-term durability, but, um, still, dude...

> After converting a 3rd and 19, Blue held, delayed, and gave up two sacks before a give-up draw, so let's not pretend they played well tonight

> I don't really know very much about Blue T Justin Pugh, other than his last name described his play tonight

> When Foles has all day, and connects with guys who aren't open, you can get fooled into thinking he's more accurate than he is

> Lost in the avalanche was the fact that P Donnie Jones might have had his best game of the year

> It's really nice to have MLB DeMeco Ryans back, as I'm not prepared to live in a world where Casey Matthews has utility

> Blue gave up eight sacks tonight, and it would have been worse if Manning hadn't fallen forward for single yards on a couple of occassions

> Part of McCoy's big return to prominence tonight was the WRs, especially Maclin, with downfield blocking

> Foles to Cooper for 6 yards, and if you get no YAC, you better catch everything and block like a mother

> Foles to TE James Casey on the rollout for the score, and that was beyond easy

> Green 17, Blue 0, and for a man with limited foot speed to get that open is just shocking

> NBC's Cris Collingsworth seemed ready to apologize to America for Blue not playing well tonight

> Parkey Touchbacks make me very happy, because I have deep Alex Henery scars

> Williams breaks a tackle for his second good run of the night

> Manning to Randle moves the sticks, and the Eagle corners are such a concern that 17-0 and porny still felt unsafe

> Blue LG Westin Richburg had one of the dumber 15 yard flags you'll ever see

> Cole got to Manning on one play so fast that he blew up a screen

> Sproles might have had another PR TD tonight, if he wasn't stopped by his own blocker

> I'm not saying that DE Jason Pierre-Paul came up small, but the only play I remember him making tonight as lining up offsides

> The refs gave McCoy a first down after a measurement that came up short, because short bus refs on prime time is now a thing

> Sproles had a facemask penalty revoked, because I guess his head is too low to the ground

> Parkey's 45-yard figgie was a mildly big play, since it kept the momentum and prevented Blue field position

> I'd like to thank Blue for their, um, innovative play calling of run up he middle, run to the side, long-developing pass

> When Manning fled from Jenkins on a clean blitz to throw it away while the S was still five yards away from him, it's a defensible football play and, um... turrible QBing

> Green STer Chris Maragos had a partial punt block, and that dude has been ridiculous

> When Blue rushed three, the Eagle OL just went head-hunting to pancake people, which was good fun

> Foles' inexcusable pick on a telegraphed screen to Sproles, and the only thing that went right here was that it wasn't a TAInt

> Honestly, if the drive ends and the clock is up, it's 23-0 and I'm so fine with that

> The refs signalled offsides while calling for holding, which is kinda special

> Foles took a coverage sack with no timeouts, which was nearly as bad as either of the INTs

> Manning airmailed the world on an out, and I suppose there was pressure, but still, yeesh

> Like Beckham, Williams is a real player, regardless of results tonight

> Watching Sproles stiff arm people is just adorable

> Foles' second inexcusable pick of the night gave him the NFL lead in turnovers, and that can't continue

> The holding call that negated TE Larry Donnell's tip drill score was an obvious take down on Cole, but still, phew

> Beckham will be Blue's best offensive player within a year, assuming health

> When Blue needed it, they went twice to Cruz... who left on an awful season-ending knee injury on the second play, so, um, not good for them

> Some good plays by the defense in that series, but make no bones about it: they got lucky, too

> Cruz leaves on a cart, sobbing and screaming in pain, and while Green Fan has never been a fan of the frequent post-TD dancing, no one wanted to see that

> McCoy for nine as Green tries to make this night end quietly

> Foles for the first, and he doesn't fumble while going down, so yay

> Foles to Matthews for 26, clean pocket, wide open WR, and sometimes it's nice to play QB

> McCoy for 28, and Blue doesn't look like they want to be here any more, not that I really blame them

> Foles to Celek for nine simple yards up the middle, then 7 more, and why not, it's easy

> Sproles for 15 and the score, and the offensive line has gotten tired of blocking just the bigs, so they are going to block everyone

> Green 27, Blue 0, and Green has more rushing yards than Blue has yards

> NBC was so bored with this game that they neglected to show us the ensuing kickoff

> WR Reuben Randle ran away from a possible fist down, because he's not exactly heady

> McCoy shakes, bakes, fakes and gets 18 more; it's like he's making up for 2 or 3 weeks at once

> I'm not sure why Green wanted to try razzle dazzle while up a ton with rookie WR/KR Josh Huff, but at least they got the fumble back

> When Sproles suffers a possible knee injury, he still walks away, because he might not be human

> Beckham muffed a punt, which was kicked out of the end zone for the weirdest gift touchback ever

> I've watched Eagle Football for 35+ years, and I've never seen 9 flags against the opposition, and 1 for my laundry

> Third and 10 is Manning pump and going into double coverage to Randle; no chance at anything good for the offense

> I get that his OL is not good or starters, but ye hads, Manning hasn't done much of anything tonight

> Kelly brought back Detention Mode in the fourth quarter, which was evidently not something that Cris Collingsworth had ever seen before

> A Green defensive shutout should count double, given the pace of play

> Jones gets off a solid kick and roll, and the refs take 5 on for the Giants while saying first down, Philadelphia, so that's the third Huh moment of the night for them

> Blue had double-digits in punts, which is what happen when you have a hurry up offense that isn't working

> Detention Mode makes NBC chuckle and Kelly wince

> Blue's effort was even lacking in post-whistle shoving late

> 30 yards in 4 minutes must feel like water torture to Kelly

> TE Daniel Fells had a fumble on a real nice play by Fletcher to preserve the shutout

> QB Ryan Nassib gave Blue a small spark, along with Coughlin calling timeouts to try to avoid the humiliation

> OLB Brandon Graham with good pressure in garbage time

> Green Fan booed Blue timeouts, because they are good at booing

> The game was prolonged for a 15-yard flag where DT Beau Allen tapped Nassib's helmet by accident, which got called as roughing the passer on a play where there was no passer

> The final sack of the night went to NT Brandon Bair, clinching Green's first shutout since 12/1/96

> My laundry is 5-1 going into their bye week, and could have been anywhere from 2-4 to 6-0...

> The NFC East looks like a two team race, and the other team is... the team that Green Fan hates way more than any other

> Feel free to ask the Blue guys who were talking last week about how legit the 2013 NFC East championship is now

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