Sunday, October 26, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 8 Ad Questions

Fast Food Accost
10) Are Southwest flights filled with terrible dancing wedding guests?

9) How much did the HP kid spend to just return his stupid lizard, and how did the iguana get lost in the first place?

8) How many Rob Lowes are there, anyway?

7) Do all guys with erectile dysfunction have convertibles?

6) If I ask the Gogle phone app how much it really knows about me, will it answer?

5) Are people who eat at McDonald's prone to wearing any hat they find on the street?

4) Do people who drink Redd's Apple Ale make all of their decisions based on thrown projectiles?

3) If I get a PS4, will I hallucinate my way through multiple game titles?

2) Does LeBron James really think that his workouts are religious, and if so, doesn't this speak to a far more troubling issue than the use of a pair of headphones?

1) Why does Burger King cause people to scream, beyond, well, the obvious?

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