Sunday, October 26, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 8 Takeaways

10) At one point in their game with the Dolphins, Jacksonville had 199 yards to 3, and were down 7-0

9) Cincy beat Baltimore by a field goal in the final minute, which is to say, they played the usual AFC North game

8) That guy in your fantasy league who dropped Tom Brady earlier this year shouldn't be remembered just for putting his head in an oven

7) Arian Foster dominated Tennessee because, well, that always happens

6) Kansas City crushed St. Louis as part of their whole Soul Selling month

5) Seattle overcame a week of media speculation to win a huge road game... against a team that's now won once in their last five games

4) Kyle Orton threw for 4 TDs in a game where he didn't actually play all that well, because LOL Jets

3) Detroit came from 21 down to beat the Falcons, because you only need to show up for 30 minutes to beat Atlanta, no matter what time zone you are in

2) The Bucs lost in overtime on an offensive fumble for score, because, um, they are the Bucs

1) There's no truth to the rumor that the Jets continued making turnovers after their game with the Bills was over

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