Sunday, October 5, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week Five Ad Questions

Yeah, Better for Trucks Than Blacks
10) Why do trucks get October, the best month of the year, when African Americans get February, the worst?

9) How do children with giant heads from a comic strip that no longer exists help to sell insurance?

8) Why does the old-time oil power football team in leather helmets, who run away rather than compete with the solar powered Eagles, have a black teammate?

7) Does the term Eco Diesel make anyone else's head explode?

6) Why does Cable Rob Lowe grow so much more eyebrow hair?

5) When you buy a car, do you really have to give a damn about the history of the family that made it?

4) If I use Citizens Bank, will it inspire me to pimp out my mother?

3) Does the new iPhone work as anything but a camera?

2) Will playing the new PS4 NBA game, will I lose my childhood?

1) Are Mazdas made of flame retardant material, or do they just enjoy wasting advertising time with irrelevancies?

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