Saturday, October 18, 2014

Top 10 reasons why the Seahawks traded Percy Harvin

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10) Want to fool the super-deep sleeper guy in your fantasy league that the Paul Richardson hype is for realsies

9) Know that no team ever repeats, so it's time to start tanking

8) Harvin, like all other undersized speed WRs with intermittent production, has ties to gangs when you want to get rid of him

7) He kept insisting that the team only played 11 guys at a time, not 12

6) As the photo here shows, just would not comply with the NFL's stated choice of headphone

5) Need salary cap space for 2015... in the middle of 2014

4) Didn't think he did enough in the Super Bowl last year

3) Harvin upset the chemistry of a team with multiple PED users and infamous loudmouths

2) In trading him to the Jets for a second round pick, they get a cheap last first round pick while ensuring that, due to his QB being Geno Smith, Harvin can never come back to haunt them

1) Drafted him in their fantasy league, and are just super pissed

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