Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eagles - Panthers Takeaways

Football Is Fun And Stuff
> DeAngelo Williams puts Teal in an early hole, but the offense goes three and out and fail

> Near pick on a center cross where both targets are too close isn't exactly QB Mark Sanchez's best way to start the night

> K Cody Parkey connects from 39, and early underwhelming leads are something of a tradition this year

> CB Cary Williams with the gift pick on a slow slant, terrible throw by QB Cam Newton, bad effort by WR Kelvin Benjamin, and wow, the Panthers Are Not Good

> QB Mark Sanchez to WR Jeremy Maclin, nice center cross

> Slow out to WR Riley Cooper, ball in the air a long time, some puling for a flag

> Bad tempo afterward, and Sanchez has all day to get it to TE Brent Celek for 21; great job by the line

> RB LeSean McCoy rides a surge to the 3, then it's Teal slowdown for injury

> Sloppiness for the returning Evan Mathis, then RB Darren Sproles for an absurdly easy run for the scoe; wipeout blocks by the line and Celek, and a total misread by Teal

> TE Ed Dickson for a first down and possible skull damage; ouch

> 3rd and 3 to keep the wave going is a chains moving completion to WR Jason Avant, who gets more than a fair share of boos for his catch with zero YAC and separation, but the man still has hands

> Long ball to TE Gregg Olson gets 38 against sub MLB Casey Matthews, and yeah, that doesn't work real well

> Williams for an easy 5, then Newton holds too long and throws it away

> 3rd and 6 in the red zone matters, and it's Newton to WR Jerricho Cotchey for another first down

> Not much pressure there on some kind of esoteric scheme

> RB Joanathan Stewart stopped at the 1, a good back gets it in there

> This should be a QB sneak, but instead it's Stewart, who barely crosses the plane

> Matthews doesn't drive the RB back on that score, and yeah, we miss DeMecco Ryans a lot

> Green 10, Teal 7, and it's a ball game, dammit

> Run for 6, slow deep hook to WR Jordan Matthers gets knocked down

> 3rd and 4 to avoid the 3 and out is a drop by Sproles, and that's a lot of yards and a quick possession blown right there

> LB Brandon Graham with a real nice takedown of Williams for a loss of 2

> False start makes it 2nd and 17, and Teal's going backwards when they need to catch up

> Newton misses Benjamin as Graham helps out with underneath coverage, and that's kind of innovative

> 3rd and 17 from their own 5 is a shuffle pass to Olson that had a moment of serious Teal concern for safety, but it's a give up

> Sproles takes the punt back for 65 yards, and that was fantastic on a lot of levels

> Some great blocks, a barely missed clip, and the capper was a stutter step by Sproles to toast the punter that was downright unfair

> Green 17, Teal 7, after 11 minutes

> Williams through post-TD smoke for 9, then gets 5 more and moves the sticks

> Newton rolls for a nonchalant yard as Benjamin gets involved in some nastiness

> S Malcolm Jenkins with a nice stop in the flat on Williams, then LB Connor Barwin gets his 8th sack of the year

> Newton clearly doesn't have the wheels he should have to get away from that, and big and slow is a lot less trouble than big and fast

> Great punt for Teal, and McCoy makes it worse to end the first backed up in their own end

> McCoy gets nothing, and it's 3rd and 14 from their own end zone

> Sanchez from the gun pump fakes, and hits Matthews for a nice and open 23 yarder; the offense didn't do so much tonight, but they did convert some big distances

> Pump again, then Matthews, as the line is doing good things in the passing game

> McCoy for 2, then long tempo for a center throw to Celek, who got away with clear OPI to move the sticks

> Nice blitz pick up by RB Chris Polk on that, and he really should play more

> The refs called mercy on snap speed, which is always kind of fun

> Awkward snap screen to Maclin fails, then a false start on C Jason Kelce

> McCoy for 5, and Teal's run defense was so not their problem tonight

> 3rd and 10, good pocket, nice throw to Matthews to convert

> Sanchez on the boot and conects with Matthews for the 13 yard TD, and yes, that looked all kinds of pro

> Green 24, Teal 7 after 18.5 minutes, and yeah, Sanchez is enjoying this offense a lot more than New York

> Newton, terrible ball towards Benjamin, made worse with a Stewart face mask

> Newton into quarduple coverage for Benjamin, who doesn't make a play; not his best ball so far tonight

> Newton again to Benjamin, this time getting 9, but it's not like Teal is fooling anyone

> 3rd and 11 from the gun is a great sack for LB Trent Cole, and nicely disguised pressure

> Cole doesn't lose his man on a spin, and no, Newton isn't Newton tonight

> Sanchez falls on a bad snap for a loss of 6, then connects with Maclin for 13 as if the last play never happened, and if you want to tell a tale of New Sanchez, that's where you begin and end

> 3rd and 2 to Celek is dropped and wasn't certain to get there; Kelly goes for it from the Teal 41

> Aggro play call, but Maclin doesn't catch a play action toss that was a possible ball but low, and that's a 4 and out

> Stewart for a too easy 10 up the middle as ESPN shows Newton in pain

> Williams for 4, then LB Mychal Kendricks blows through the RB for a 12 yard sack

> 3rd and 16 should be a sack, but the QB shrugs off pressure and converts to Olsen, usually a back-breaker, but tonight, just a fluke

> 3rd and 2 to keep it as a long figgie is Williams into the middle, and DT Bennie Logan ends that with prejudice

> Teal clearly trying to manage Newton physically

> 4th and 1 from the gun is a deep miss to Cotchery, and that was just awful

> 44 yard field goal to make it a 14-point game eschewed for a low percentage deep ball, on a play where the QB doesn't even keep the ball in play, and wasn't that badly pressured

> Sanchez wiped out on a zone read keeper, and yeah, that play needs to be shelved when you are already on QB2

> Sanchez to WR Josh Huff for a few, nice play by Teal again

> 3rd and 8 from the gun is Sanchez to Matthews, who nearly goes all the way on a slant release

> Sanchez on a pump and near pick, and wow, that was bad; lucky to not tun it over

> Sanchez to WR Riley Cooper, who wasn't expecting the screen. and yuck

> 3rd and 10 to keep the ball and set up a figgie is McCoy dropping a screen before he can catch it, and expect Teal to blitz a lot more in the second half

> P Donnie Jones just misses a pin it deep moment, and Teal gets it at their 20

> Williams for 6 on a simple screen, then a gift wrapped TAInt for CB Bradley Fletcher, and wow, Carolina is Not Good

> Green 31, Teal 7, and I don't know why the NFC South has to have a playoff team

> Newton converts slowly, then nearly gets picked for a third time on a deep slant

> Juggle and whiff by WR Brooke Bersin to set up third and 10, but he gets the same shot to the left

> Stewart stopped in bounds, nice play by Kendricks to force the time out

> Williams for just 1, odd play call, clock grinding to 3rd and 2

> Teal slow, but Newton gets Williams to move the sticks

> Barwin delays and crushes for a 7 yard sack, his 9th of the year, and he might wind up going to Hawaii if he keep making those plays

> 5th sack of the game is also Barwin's, and he's going to Hawaii just from Teal's benevolence

> DE Vinny Curry with five for drooling makes it a little more manageable, then 3rd and 18 is Newton's third pick of the day, an underthrown Hail Mary that S Nate Allen collects with ease

> 4 turnovers and 5 sacks for the defense, in another half of very good work

> Panthers HC Ron Rivera can't see that Newton is hurt, because he's clinically blind

> Sproles for 12 on a bubble screen, like water through a sluice

> Sanchez to Matthews on a cross, could have been a lot more

> McCoy for a loss to the left, and the running game isn't right against this line

> Sanchez avoids pressure to Celek for 8, nice work by the QB

> 3rd and 2 is a miss to Matthews, no flag, and Kelly punts reluctantly

> Cole chased down Williams for a yard from the back side, hard to image from a guy with his tread

> All night, Teal showed more interest than winning time of possession than the ball game

> Stewart converts, and that's 20 yards in 3 minutes, woo

> Deep try to Cotchery, and Fletcher has him blanketed for the incomplete

> Williams for 7 on a screen, then max clock before a sack and fumble, Green recovers and that's Teal's 5th turn of the night

> Curry scoops up that one, and honestly, Teal couldn't be worse with QB2 Derek Anderson tonight

> Sanchex to Celek for a 30 yard center strike, the TE wasn't open, but the ball was perfect; Celek's first score of the year is reversed, correctly

> McCoy walks in for his first score in six weeks, and that was as easy as the rest of the night

> Green 38, Teal 7, and this kind of thing can start to help those red zone numbers

> For the life of me, I have no idea what Teal was doing on Cox's sack of Newton, or why Newton is still in

> Losing 12 yards by getting sacked on a screen pass is hard to do

> McCoy lost on a screen with one armed ball handinling that was far from necessary

> 3rd and 32 is a Polk carry, and he deserves better than that

> Newtwon for a jump ball to Cotchery, and if you are going to try that, not sure why it's not Benjamin, who at least can win a ball in the air

> Cox and DT Cedric Thornton ends a bad idea shotgun run, and punctuates it with happy screaming

> 3rd and 12, Benjamin drops a ball on non-concentration, and he's been awful tonight

> 2 for McCoy as DT Star Lotulelei goes down with an ankle, and ye gads, life isn't getting any better for them

> Knocked down pass sets up 3rd and 8, which is Sanchez from the gun to Cooper after fumbling; short and a punt

> It's rare to see a team up by 31 when the offense has had this many three nd outs

> Newton to Olson for 30, and the TE is the only guy in Teal having a good night

> Game has the energy of mid-August pre-season right now

> Two gives to RB Fozzie Whitaker, because you need to conserve your expensive RBs, not your franchise QB

> End of the third quarter and it's sleepy time

> Sack, fumble, recovery and loss as Curry gets the honors

> Sanchez back in, not sure why, gives to McCoy, same story, no gain

> Maclin for 9 as Green tries to get numbers for fantasy players

> Sanchez with a great wiggle to avoid pressure, connects with Celek for 37, and the blocking TE limps off with 116 yards receiving

> Celek's injury turns out to be no big deal, but might give Chip Kelly the clue to start pulling people

> Double bad screen ends in a drop by McCoy, and that play is getting worn out

> 3rd and 10 is Sanchez finding Matthews with nice touch, and the rookie does the rest to make it 45-7

> Parkey makes a tackle, because he's just that manly

> More yards for Olson, the only guy in Teal not making his fantasy owner drink

> Benjamin mans up for a crossing touchdown to save his fantasy night, and to remind everyone that CB Cary Williams isn't very good

> Up 31 with 9 minutes left, ESPN is making smoothies, and no, I'm not making this up

> Three and out for the offense as the refs won't give Huff a DPI call

> WR Joe Webb with a very nice play up high in triple coverage, and while I'm still bitter about that Tuesday night loss, he's kind of a fun guy to have in the league

> Allen with 15 mostly impossible to ignore yards at the tail end of that play

> Fletcher stops Webb at the end zone on another fly route, nice play and a bad throw

> DT Brandon Bair ends a run, nice and clinical

> 3rd and 19 is another TD to Benjamin, and man, Williams is the weak link

> QB Matt Barkley in to hand off twice, then throw a ball off a defender's head, so, um, yeah, not looking forward to seeing him get any real game time

> Graham gets Green's 9th sack of the day, and then limps off, dammit

> Barkley takes the kneeldowns, and that's that

> Green moves to 7-2, stays 3rd in NFC seeding, and a half game over Dallas

> As good as the record is, keep in mind that Green Bay, next week's opponent, is out of the playoffs at 6-3, so nope, no margin for error

> Carolina might still win the NFC South, because their schedule is cake the rest of the way, and would be even easier if they somehow got to play themselves

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