Thursday, November 13, 2014

Miami Misses An Opportunity

With 4:37 left in the fourth quarter of tonight's TNF game, the Dolphins took a sack that took them out of field goal position. Looking at a short punt with a 10-point lead on fourth and nine, the Fish then took an intentional delay of game penalty to give their punter a little more room. Buffalo declined the penalty, and Miami wound up punting without incident on the next play.

And all I could think of was... Miami, you freaking pushovers.

Why not take another delay penalty, and another, and another, until Buffalo just gives in and takes the flag? If you don't want to sit there with the clock not running, maybe just have players jump (or, hell, walk; no reason to strain yourselves) off sides. Do it long enough, make Buffalo decline penalty after penalty, and maybe one of their guys loses their composure and takes a swing at someone. Boom, 15 yard flag, first down, and a triumph for dickishness that will live in NFL lore forever.

Of course, had anyone actually done this, it would have been a major story, there would have been a competition committee meeting in the off-season that would have required a 15-yard flag for back to back intentional penalties, and so on, and so on.

Such a sad waste of an opportunity, Miami. Next time, stick to your guns, OK?

(Yeah, the Dolphins won anyway. Still. Principles, people. Principles.)

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