Sunday, November 9, 2014

NFL Week 10 Ad Questions

Riddle Me This, Pizza Face
10) Isn't the bigger reason why he went to Jared is because he's got no taste or better idea?

9) If a long sandwich is such a crushing disappointment, why did the guy in the KFC ad buy it?

8) Are Southwest flights entirely compromised of guys watching the same game?

7) If someone said "Steak and eggs" to you as an expression of congratulations, wouldn't you be struck by the hollowness of the achievement?

6) Doesn't the phrase "Louisiana Fast" seem more than a little ominous?

5) If I get a new Droid, will I start risking my life for scarves?

4) Are Nissan owners prone to singing at strangers?

3) Is modern life entirely dedicated to somehow escaping the creeping horror that is Sony?

2) How has America gotten this obese without bacon being stuffed into the crusts of pizza?

1) Given the slanted camera angle in the Papa John's ad, can we safely infer that the tool that runs that company and Troy Aikman are '60s Batman villains?

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