Sunday, November 9, 2014

NFL Week 10: Top 11 Takeaways

Troops to Oakland: Um, thanks?
11) The 11th takeaway this week honors America's veterans, somehow

10) Jacksonville became the first team in NFL history to start three straight years by losing 9 of 10, which is one of those stats that makes you remember that Jacksonville is in the NFL

9) Pittsburgh and the Jets switched uniforms, seeing as how that's the only way the Steelers turn it over four times and lose

8) Kansas City played well in one quarter, which was more than enough to win in Buffalo

7) New Orleans lost in overtime, at home, after the refs actually called offensive pass interference on a jump ball in the end zone

6) Matt Stafford lead the Lions to a last minute win at home to remain the NFC's utterly disregarded #2 seed

5) Atlanta won for the first time since they last played Tampa, and yes, the NFC South is Not Having A Good Year

4) Baltimore held the Titans to 67 yards passing in a 21-7 home win that featured 15 total punts and zero actual interest

3) Seattle ran for 350 yards in a home win against the Giants, with Blue defenders openly weeping when they saw Marshawn Lynch coming

2) Arizona scored 21 staight in the fourth quarter after losing starting QB Carson Palmer in a 31-14 home win against the Rams to remain the NFC's utterly disregarded #1 seed

1) Brock Osweiler played a quarter, which is to say, the Broncos played the Raiders

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