Monday, November 17, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 11 Takeaways

The last 9-1 Cards Team Was Pre-Color
10) After giving up 50 points in back to back weeks, Chicago held the Vikings to 10 first downs and 13 points, proving that if Bear Fan just boos long enough, everything will be all right

9) JJ Watt scored on the signature highlight of the week that didn't involve Mark Sanchez and a "Yakity Sax" soundtrack

8) If the season ended today, neither the Seahawks or Niners would make the playoffs, as neither has been well, very good this year

7) Someone has to win the NFC South, though the teams involved in that division truly beg to differ

6) Denver was held to 7 points in a road loss to the Rams that Jeff Fisher will use to remain employed for the next three years of sub .500 football

5) Bill Bellichick and the Colts made scrub RB Jonas Gray a star with 38 carries for 199 yards with 4 touchdowns, leading to a huge waiver wire rush and fail when he gets five carries next week

4) With QB Eli Manning having already thrown four picks against the Niners at home, the Giants called four straight passes, three of them fades, on first and goal from the 3 with five minutes left... leading to pick number five and the loss

3) Carolina's Ron Rivera played conservatively for a long field goal late against the Falcons at home, which was, of course, missed for the critical play in a 2-point loss

2) The Raiders have now lost 16 games in a row over the past two seasons, and are only 10 more straight losses from taking out the 1970s Yuccaneers as the most futile franchise in NFL history

1) Arizona beat the Lions behind all kinds of shady officiating and shakier quarterbacking, and the franchise is 9-1 for the first time in 66 years, with a 3-game lead in the division with six games to play

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