Monday, November 24, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 12 Takeaways

Detroit and New England
10) Cleveland is now 7-4 with yet another last minute win, despite having their QB with 3 picks and 0 TDs

9) Chicago won by 8 at home despite being down 10 at the half, and being out-gained by 163 yards, because Tampa is just a turnover machine

8) St. Louis coach Jeff Fisher went to veteran QB Shawn Hill over rookie Austin Davis to avoid crushing mistakes, such as a last-minute pick on the goal line when down three

7) The Bengals won on the road again, because they are utterly dominant when it's a 1pm game where no one is paying attention

6) Seattle trucked the Cardinals at home to stay in the NFC playoff and West race, and to further prove that an unhappy Marshawn Lynch is just ruining that team

5) Peyton Manning bounced back from a poor game with a 4-TD performance, with Random RB (in this case, CJ Anderson) going for 167 yards and a TD

4) The Niners nearly lost to Washington on a day when the Slurs had only 106 yards in passing and 12 first downs, because they have that little of a home field advantage

3) New York lost after going up 11 on the Cowboys, giving up the lead, getting it back with three minutes left, and then crumpling like wet toilet paper

2) Teddy Bridgewater threw for more yards than Aaron Rodgers in a close loss, which is something for Viking Fan to hold on to, I guess

1) In a shocking development, New England crushed a talented but undisciplined team

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