Sunday, November 30, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 13 Takeaways

Screw That, Chant Your Asses Off
10) Now that they have a victory, Oakland is hard at work to make sure they don't lose the top pick

9) Carolina would have lost their game in Minnesota just on kicking plays

8) Ryan Fitzpatrick took back his job with the kind of steely vengeance that only a Harvard man on his sixth team can summon

7) It turns out that any Washington QB is turnover-prone, because, well, Washington is an absolute dumpster fire

6) Pittsburgh isn't going to go to the playoffs this year because, unlike every other team in football, they couldn't win games against the NFC South at home

5) The Giants lost in the largest comeback win in Jaguar history, mostly because their offensive players couldn't stop giving up fumbles for touchdowns

4) Cincy barely survived the Bucs, despite the game having no resemblance whatsoever to a playoff atmosphere

3) Tennessee went to Jake Locker, which went just about as well as you might expect

2) Buffalo survived a Johnny Manziel sighting and actual effectiveness, and yes, there may be deals available on Brian Hoyer jerseys

1) San Diego won in Baltimore on a last-minute TD pass that was set up by one of those DPI/OPI calls that makes Raven Fan so well-trained at chanting about bovine excrement

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