Sunday, November 2, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 9 Ad Questions

Suck It Hard, Jimmy
10) Do kids who go to Target hallucinate about marsh mallows?

9) Are Lowe's shoppers incapable of just leaving the room to talk when it's hard to hear each other?

8) When the fries start dancing, shouldn't that keep you from eating them?

7) Can the Peanuts gang get any more insufferable in their insurance shilling, and does anyone else not want to get Charlie Brown loser coverage?

6) How upset does Jimmy Johnson get at losing electric football, anyway?

5) What exactly does T. Rowe Price sell, other than freaky graphic packages?

4) Should we be impressed that Coors is willing to put their name on their product, considering that's kind of, well, a legal requirement?

3) Are the heartlands of America rife with Dodge ghosts driving like asshats?

2) Do Jeep users root for crippling snow storms, so they can finally justify their terrible choice in automobiles?

1) Are Cialis users humping in photo booths, and if so, can't we have the drug outlawed?

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