Sunday, November 2, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 9 Takeaways

And It's Sticky
10) San Diego proved that they really, truly, do not like long plane flights east

9) Both NFL teams in Ohio won again, just to help your End Of Days fantasies along

8) Over 5,000 people showed up to tell the Washington team that their name is offensive, but no, this isn't a growing movement or anything

7) Brandon Weeden got screamed at by Dez Bryant in the Dallas loss to Arizona, because Dallas is so good at dealing with adversity and prosperity

6) The Chiefs more or less napped their way to a 14-point win at home against the Jets, despite the road team having no turnovers, more yards and more first downs

5) Chip Kelly is so smart, he can even win on the road with Mark Sanchez and a -3 deficit in turnovers

4) If the season ended today, Arizona would be the #1 seed in the NFC, so it's really good that the season isn't ending today

3) San Francisco lost a home game to the Rams despite holding the road team to 13 points and less than 200 yards, with two turnovers, proving yet again that new stadiums destroy home field advantage

2) Oakland fell to 0-8, but covered the spread in Seattle, so it's all good

1) Tom Brady beat Peyton Manning in the most important football game ever ever ever until the next time Tom Brady plays against Peyton Manning


CMJDad said...

Looks to me like only people offended by the name of the Washington team are middle aged white guys.

DMtShooter said...

Really, you want to be on the same side as Dan Snyder? On anything? - Middle aged white guys don't march in parades.

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