Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Brief And Gloating Point About The Sixers' Second Win Of The Year

If my (Sixers) laundry is an abom- ination and an embarr- assment and an affront to all that is right due to their super obvious tanking ways...

What does that make the teams with one more win (Detroit, beaten by the Sixers at home last night), two more wins (New York, with the max contract Carmelo Anthony, and Minnesota, beaten at home by the Sixers earlier in the week), or three more wins (Charlotte, Utah and the Lakers)?

And more importantly, why does it seem like Sixer Fan is so much happier than their contemporaries in Detroit, New York, Charlotte or LA?

Why, it's almost as if fans of a franchise that has spun its wheels for a dozen years before the tear-down welcome an intelligent, long-term plan, rather than just react in a knee-jerk today is the only reality fashion...

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