Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Brief And Obvious Point About The Tony Romo For MVP Campaign

Let's Not Mention Against Who
Um, seriously?

No, seriously?

OK... let's take this slowly, and use small words, since we may be arguing with ex NFL players, which is to say, people who may become violent and have the strong chance of brain damage.

All year, you folks have been telling us how amazeballs the Cowboy offensive line is. How scary smart Jerruh Jones has become in his dotage (enough face lifts and the brain gets all smooth and brilliant!) to make a dominant unit with multiple first round picks. How good DeMarco Murray is, and how he's going to set this record and that record, and never mind that we're force-feeding an injury-prone guy when we have perfectly acceptable back-ups to split the load. Oh, and how physical and wunnerful wunnerful wunnerdul Dez Bryant is.

So, um, Romo?

He's not the MVP of his *team*. That's Murray.

He's not the best QB in his conference. That would be Aaron Rodgers. (Who, by the way, does *not* have a dominant offensive line.)

He's not the QB of the defending Super Bowl champions, who are also in line to become the #1 seed. That would be Russell Wilson. (Who also just led an effort that put up nearly 600 yards of total offense against a great defensive team, at home.)

You want to vote him into the Pro Bowl? Fine. He's right there with Rodgers and Wilson in the NFC, ahead of Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan and Eli Manning. If we're looking at all of football because that's the way the Pro Bowl works now, you are adding Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and Romo's had the good sense of closing with a rush, but two of three of those guys have done more with less.

But OK, Romo is 32 to 8 in TDs to INTs, and it's been his best year. Hell, if he had stayed healthy, maybe you even get to 35 to 40, and that helps. He's piled up numbers against some weak sisters -- give any of the top guys six games against the East, and it's double ball bonus time on the pinball machine -- but whatevs. 32 to 8 is good in any division.

But you can't have it all ways, all of you instant Romo lovers. If his line is all that, and his RB is all that, then he's not all that.

Oh, and by the way?

Dallas isn't the top seed in the conference.

And when they lose in the playoffs, because they aren't going to be able to run the gauntlet of Green Bay, Seattle and New England, and might end that game with Romo turning the ball over as he tries to do too much, the way he has, um, his whole damn career when put under pressure?

You will melt into the woodwork, and deny that you ever pitched the idea that he was an MVP candidate.

Along with all of the other cicada-like Cowboy fans...

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